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Grow your business is part of our business growth service and is an excellent option for companies looking for professional assistance in growing your business.

We provide comprehensive business growth solutions that offer companies the opportunities to grow and prosper. Our services include Market research, growth strategy development, marketing consultancy & setting strategic partnerships.

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13 Years Experience

Established in 2010, with the concept of providing healthcare procurement services to medical professionals. Ad weight has a dedicated and experienced team which provides consultancy to medical professionals.

Under one roof Medical professionals, Bio medical engineers, OT Technicians, Hospital owners gets perfect suitable vendors for their product requirement/hospital setup.

We are a knowledge-based company and like to share authentic information with our clients and give proper services to medical professionals.

Work with Passion

Our team at Ad-Weight is more 'Passionpreuner' & believes in creating a healthcare future- with an edge for Knowledge, care & technology.

100% Professional

Our team comes up with a suitable call to action for an effective business solution, whether it be in the field of marketing or healthcare, using the firm foundation of our industry knowledge.

Fast Response

We are justifiably proud of our record that we consistently deliver top-notch customer service with a quick turnaround on almost every request.

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Beginning in 2010, we established our business with a very distinct approach. We entered the medical industry with a very clear vision to develop a well-deserving & proper service + marketing to the healthcare industry, keeping things straightforward & true to its terms.

The industry as it is now is significantly different from how it was when we first started. We introduced AIMS Medical Directory -the gap between hospitals and vendors in mind.

AIMS M D is a marketing literature that helps bring right vendors from the industry to hospital door-step. With the annual publication of AIMS; the directory has helped hospitals in overcoming obstacles related to the purchase of equipment and instruments. The directory has also aided in our clients’ success on a global scale.

The directory accurately lists the contact information for numerous businesses that operate in a range of industries, including radiology, hospital furniture, critical care, modular operating rooms, CSSD, medical pendants, and ventilators, turnkey solutions, etc.

After 13 years in the business, professionals from all backgrounds consult our directory for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Resolving hospital procurement challenges
  • Finding the best vendors to assist with manufacturer-dealer network expansion, etc.
  • Gain international viewers, etc.

Our team at Ad-Weight has worked real hard and with enthusiasm to gather hospital data from the field (pan India), which allows our clients reach every corner of the country to provide the proper services needed in the hospital.

Ad-Weight Media & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been pioneers in Brand Marketing, Research & Brand Promotions for Healthcare Industry in India. With tailor-made solutions, customized strategy planning and research we are associated with top companies for various business play for more than 12 years.

Today, our team can find good certified & unique/patent products in the industry that need to be successfully marketed in the industry thanks to our skill in marketing & vast networking.

We at Ad-Weight Media & Marketing Solutions source reputable Indian as well as foreign firms for various Equipment’s and instruments with a basic understanding of the most recent developments in the medical field, such as CDSCO Regulatory, etc.

While we source good hospital equipment’s for doctors, we also source good equipment’s and instruments that sometime is required by our clients to full fill in their hospital projects / turnkey vendors, for export in various countries, etc.

12 + years of adversity on and off the field, this organisation has gathered a lot of hospital data around the nation. Every exhibition in which our team has taken part has aided in the collection of hospital data, not only in metropolitan settings but also in tier 2 and tier 3 as well as rural ones. Doctors have put their trust in us since the release of AIMS Medical Directory to assist them in finding the best hospital procurement options, among other things.

As a “One stop solution, everything under one roof,” the directory has benefited hospitals over the years. We have provided turnkey solutions, CSSD solutions, operation room setup & equipment, critical care products, radiology setup, pharmaceutical furnitures, etc. to doctors all throughout the country. Additionally, the team regularly contacts doctors, biomedical heads, purchase managers, etc. and generates leads that our clients can use to market their services to.

All our marketing and networking efforts ultimately aid in the promotion of our clients through various avenues.

Finding the best dealer network for manufacturing firms, on the other hand, is introducing good manufacturers to dealers, entering international markets, and participating in events, exhibitions, directories, etc. are all a part of our promotional activities, which help our clients grow their businesses and form good business relationships.

At Ad-Weight Media & Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strive to offer doctors a whole spectrum of hospital project consultancy.

Over the past 12 + years of our business; our team at Ad-weight has been in touch with doctors from Pan India for their hospital projects at various phases. With our own team of in-house architects, we are now able to divide these projects into specific time frames. Adweight is able to provide doctors with a variety of project management consulting services since we are aware of the project’s construction stage.

Pre-Construction Stage:
– Project Finance
– Design / Architecural Consultancy
– HVAC, MEP Consultancy, etc.

During Construction Stage:
– Modular Operation Theatre
– Pneumatic Tube System
– Medical Gas Pipeline System
– CSSD, etc.

Post-Civil Construction Stage:
– Flooring, Ceiling finish
– Hospital Equipments & Instruments
– Hospital Furnitures, etc.

Depending upon the stage of construction, we probe to the doctors our clients who will be able to give them the services they require. In other circumstances, doctors choose to use a single vendor for an entire turnkey solution; as a result, we align our clients either for turnkey or specific departmental specialty.

In some circumstances, we can also assist doctors with finding potential properties for hospital projects, evaluating those properties, and recommending surgeons to manage a hospital. Overall, ad weight has been able to introduce a variety of services to support doctors’ and hospitals’ continued operation as effectively as possible.

Ad-Weight is now a solution-provider in the healthcare business for any issues being encountered by the industry thanks to our expertise in marketing for over 12 years. As previously mentioned about marketing & networking, consultancy, etc. one of the niche area / challenges faced by the industry today – Finance.

Many hospital projects are struggling mightily to manage and arrange funding for their projects, which prevents the project from finishing within the planned time frame. Ad weight is able to assist the hospital owners with fund raising thanks to our modern networking skills.

As discussed above for project finance, over the years of our experience we have learned that when it comes to equipments procurement; hospital faces problems in terms of fund allotment. As we know certain equipments & instruments, radiology products, etc. However, at ad-weight, we can help such hospital owners, doctors, etc. connect with right finance guide who are able to help doctors with better financial guide & fund-raising options not only for project but also for equipment finance.

Today’s reputable banks and financial institutions in India offer equipment financing options. However, one must also list with the bank the type of equipment or instrument they plan to buy. On the other side, some businesses are also developing credit and EMI plans. Through our network, we can assist these hospitals in finding the best institutes to facilitate the purchasing process.

Ad-Weight Media & Marketing Solutions participated is most of the medical exhibitions that take place in India & few at international levels. to name a few ‘AIMS’ is the marketing partner for medical exhibition shows like- Medicall, Medical Fair, India Med Expo, Bangla Med Expo, Medical Expo India, etc.

On an average, about 15 medical exhibition shows takes place in India & few International. At international level, Ad Weight has participated in medical exhibitions held in Bangladesh, Dubai, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. In all these exhibitions mentioned, AIMS Medical Directory is distributed to right customers, thus taking aiding marketing at international levels.

Ad-Weight targets to help bring our clients at exhibitions & other events such that irrespective whether our client could participate or not; our team markets these clients in the events; in their absence. In order to raise their brand awareness in the industry, we also assist customers in choosing the appropriate exhibitions and events to attend. We locate potential customers abroad who are interested in collaborating with Indian manufacturers on joint ventures, plant setups, export business, international dealers, etc.

We also promote & attempt entire coverage of such exhibitions & events digitally. This in turn helps audience from every corner to get insights of the show and boost the demand for such shows.

We have established strong networks for the dealer-distributor channel through our consistent efforts in marketing, lead generation, networking, and active involvement in exhibitions and events. The establishment of a strong dealer-distributor network for our customer has also aided both parties in achieving good business profitability.

For instance, if one of our clients wants to network and reach North-East India, finding the appropriate dealer and distributor has boosted revenue for both sides.

Merger & Acquisitions in volves the process of combining two or more companies into one. The goal of combining two or more business is to try & achieve synergy- where the new company formed can grow greater the individual company. At AIMS Medical Directory, we assist in identifying clients who, when working together, impose significant potential. In some circumstances, assisting foreign clients acquire the proper medical industry certifications & assisting them to join forces with Indian manufacturers who can successfully complete the project on Indian soil is also very advantageous for two reasons:

  • The foreign company can penetrate Indian market.
  • Indian company is also able to work & produce quality work in the industry.

Together, the two businesses may spread their names, popularity, and achievements further. Finally, acquisition can be advantageous if a company wishes to entirely abandon its operating strategy or if another company is willing to invest more money and buy the main business. Benefits of either merger or acquisitions are:

  • Increased market share
  • Enhanced financial resources
  • Improved economies of scale.

Merger, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliance are the various models of this business.

Export promotion is basically promoting, supporting, and assisting firms in entering international markets and achieving optimum opportunities from their international business activities. Export of medical devices from India stood at US$ 2.53 billion in FY21, and are expected to rise to US$ 10 billion by 2025 (ref. ibef.org). The majority of medical devices manufactured in India are disposables like catheters, perfusion sets, extension lines, cannulas, feeding tubes, needles and syringes as well as implants like cardiac stents, drug-eluting stents, intraocular lenses, and orthopaedic implants.

Ad-Weight will help you in

  1. Analyse your company’s readiness to export to the market.
  2. Do your market research to ensure the host country offers a good opportunity for your business.
  3. Identify your potential customers in the market.
  4. Understand your competition in- the market and how you can best compete.

Rising number of medical facilities will boost the demand for medical devices in the market. The medical devices sector in India is projected to reach US$ 50 billion by 2025 (ref. ibef.org). In FY20, foreign investments in the medical devices sector increased 98% YoY to Rs. 2,196 crore (US$ 301.01 million), as against Rs. 1,108 crore (US$ 151.87 million) in FY19 (ref. ibef.org).

Key export countries for medical device Germany, China, Brazil, Iran, France, Singapore, Turkey, Netherland, Belgium.

Quality, safety, and compliance are huge factors in the healthcare sector. When you develop a new medical device, you must follow diverse guidelines and regulations. Previously, the distributors, importer, and manufacturers of medical devices sold their products without any license. Unfortunately, such liberties have been laid off by the government a few years back to ensure the protection of human life. Now, every manufacturer who wants to dive into medical equipment and drug manufacturing needs to register from a regulatory body called CDSCO.

Lexium will provide a certification like ISO, CDSCO Manufacturing License, Import License, USFDA 510 (K), European CE, BIS Certification, MDSAP

Lexium is a customer-focussed, innovative, and independent, technical, quality & safety services organization, dedicated to providing future- proof solutions through technological excellence for the success of its customers with the highest level of integrity. Our dedicated team of Technical Experts are competent and committed to provide you world class expertise.

Healthcare consulting is the process of sharing expertise, giving advice, and guiding healthcare organizations to make business decisions that promote growth and benefit their customers and patients. Ad-Weight has a healthcare consultant who is an expert in the industry. We have the necessary education and background on healthcare laws, regulations, and policies to effectively help medical organizations and hospitals run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Ad Weight has more than 12-years track record of building strong brands and businesses.

Ad weight will help you in-

  • Network establishment
  • Drive more qualified leads, generate revenue with healthy margins
  • Work balances strategic marketing and practical application to build your brand and grow business
  • Enter new markets with existing products or services
  • Develop and validate entirely new business opportunities
  • Integrate businesses and brands as a result of mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations

Ad Weight will provide you the best healthcare marketing plans, integrate multi-channel, highlytargeted, and specific online and offline efforts to drive growth and engagement. All of which are focused on market-specific key performance indicators and return on investment.

Medical device marketing is often a herculean task for small and medium sized companies. Marketing is the process of finding and identifying your ideal customers and is critical to the success of any business. The world of medical device market is an expansive one. Everything from tongue depressors and portable oxygen to pacemakers and lab equipment fall under this umbrella. We address complex marketing challenges, across every stage of company, product and brand development.

The global medical devices market is projected to grow from $495.46 billion in 2022 to $718.92 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 5.5% in forecast period.

(Ref. www.fortunebusinessinsights.com)

Ad Weight has a dedicated team for:

  • Market Research
  • Export Promotion
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Finance
  • Plant Setup
  • Regulatory

Ad Weight can guide you through several areas within medical device development and regulatory compliance. Ad Weight uses a disciplined research process to ensure marketing strategies, plans and tactics are based on marketplace requirements. We have deep expertise in healthcare market research and can assist with the development of marketing strategies and plans across healthcare sectors.

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