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Those who dream of intimacy are drawn to those whom she scares. Those who are constantly invading their personal space are furiously defending their independence. It does not sound very logical, but it is laid in ourselves. What makes us fall in love with emotionally inaccessible partners and is there a chance to change it? Says psychologist Kyle Benson. Attachment is like a large alarming button in the brain. When life flows its turn, it is not necessary. We sculpt kuliki, collect bouquets of leaves, play catching up. Or we meet friends, make plans, go to work and rejoice at every day. But something bad happens: we fall and break the knee. School bully pushes us – and we drop lunch on the floor. The boss threatens dismissal. This negative experience gives rise to anxiety and anxiety, and anxiety, in turn, activates our emergency button. And she sends a signal:…

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